What are the most recommended diets to lose weight?

Food is the central axis of our body, as it makes it function properly, from the inside to the outside of our body, providing energy and the necessary nutrients for each individual to feel vital, for this reason, It is necessary to implement diets and eating plans in each lifestyle.
The main objective of diets is to improve health based on the needs of each organism, helping to prevent according Tamara Sánchez, journalist. “chronic diseases or to improve our sports performance. Whether to improve our body composition, control the symptoms of some intolerances or compensate for vitamin deficiencies”, taking into account that it is important to consult with an expert on the subject, to achieve the proposed objectives.

Currently, it is common for the term diet to be directed to specific regimes to lose weight or to combat certain diseases, which can be dangerous for health, since they generally tend to be abrupt diets that represent modifications in it, for their part. , a beneficial and healthy diet For people it must be, ( Sánchez, 2021 ) “a balanced and balanced diet, it must contain a sufficient amount of calories and essential nutrients for the correct growth and development of the organism in each of the stages of life.” Tamara Sánchez, journalist. It must also provide sufficient carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins and minerals, in adequate proportions depending on the needs of each individual.

As mentioned above, where it is defined What is a diet and its importance? It is necessary to name some types of existing diets according to the needs and objectives proposed in each individual, taking into account the importance of implementing diets correctly in our body.

intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting, It basically consists of fasting, that is, not eating anything for a prolonged period of time. Example, the time slot that we stop eating between dinner and breakfast the next day. Amalia Panea, in Women's Health, highlights “in the case of intermittent fasting, it is proposed to expand the non-ingestion hours trait and raise it, for example, to 16:8, one of the most efficient methods. That is, spending 16 hours without eating (drinking water, coffee or tea is allowed) and then eight hours eating food again.” Generally, intermittent fasting allows you to eat the desired foods at the established times, however, it is advisable to eat healthy foods.
intermittent fasting

paleo diet

Also called paleolithic diet, This is based on the way primitive people fed, where the main foods are: meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts and flowers. This diet uses all natural foods, refers, nut & me . “It automatically eliminates processed foods and sugar. Of course, when you carry out the paleo diet you have to accompany it with good sports training.” It is a very complete, simple and, above all, healthy diet . It is also characterized by completely eliminating processed food, along with dairy products, legumes and cereals.

paleo diet

Detox diet

It basically consists of detoxifying the body , ( nut&me My healthy match , sf) “Since the famous green smoothies came to light, every day more people join a detox diet from time to time ” nut & me. The main objective of this diet is to eat green smoothies for a certain time, they usually last approximately two weeks. in order to cleanse the body.

detox diet

Hypocaloric diet

This type of diet is mainly characterized, according to nut & me , “ Control calorie consumption depending on a person's physical characteristics and their level of daily activity. Due to the low calorie consumption, the diet is structured into five meals a day.” The low-calorie diet includes all types of foods and also limits the consumption of saturated fats and sugar. It also includes the consumption of carbohydrates in moderation. This diet is the most recommended for people who suffer from diabetes.


Ketogenic diet, better known as Keto diet

This diet consists of implementing, as Tamara Sánchez, journalist, expresses it. ( Sánchez, 2021 ) “a high consumption of fats, a moderate contribution of proteins and a minimum of carbohydrates.” It is recommended for people who suffer from diseases such as epilepsy or obesity. One of the best known diets According to these criteria, it is the Atknis diet. Which is based on eating large amounts of protein and a minimum of carbohydrates. Sanitas, ( Sanitas, sf ) “Arguing for this that it is easier for the body to burn carbohydrates than proteins, so it transforms carbohydrates into energy and stores proteins in the form of fat.” This diet then limits the energy supply to body fat , which causes the body to consume it, causing weight loss.
keto diet
Depending on objectives, goals and purposes, you can choose the diet that best suits your needs to obtain the proposed results.

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