Cellulite, how to combat it?

There are several treatments that help counteract the effects of cellulite on the body, This is why we will talk about a specific treatment carried out with special products from the Satori Beauty line , it is worth highlighting the importance of carrying out procedures with necessary protective elements such as: gloves, masks and other components used for professional use. Taking this into account, the protocol will be executed as follows:
anti cellulite treatment
1. Thermal reducing gel: which has active ingredients such as L-carnitine , which functions as an essential amino acid for combat cellulite , it also contains centella asiatica extract, seaweed extract, whose main component is fucus that promotes the reduction procedure and, finally, coffee extract. The mentioned components help in the process of delimiting panicles.

It should be applied directly to the area to be treated, accompanied by a anti cellulite massage With manual technique working the mounds of the skin, this process is recommended to be carried out for approximately 20 minutes, during this time, the active ingredients of this product will be uniformly penetrated.

thermal gel
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2. Coffee Oil: after the application and absorption of the reducing thermal gel, we proceed with the application of coffee oil, which acts mainly as an antioxidant, improving the area to be treated, which is generally congested and invaded by noxa internally, and also favors the drainage process. It is applied synergistically with wood therapy, both act by generating an increase in blood flow, which favors the process of decongesting the area. Likewise, it is recommended to carry out this process for approximately 20 minutes.

coffee oil
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3. Coffee conductive gel: applying this product, which has coffee as an active ingredient, It will help generate more strength to the protocol carried out. It is applied directly to the area to be treated and is accompanied by radiofrequency in a slow manner and in quadrants to generate a greater stimulation effect of the dermis. This process will allow the maturation of the existing collagen fiber and its new production, which It notably helps to improve cellulite, also called orange peel skin.

coffee gel
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4. Firming cold gel: It has fundamental active ingredients for this process, such as horsetail, hops, and also contains wheat amino acids. It is applied directly to the treated area, generating activation and firming of the skin , it is recommended to leave it exposed for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the patient's tolerance, at the end of the process, the product is removed.

firming cold gel
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4.1. Optional hypothermic lotion: To finish this protocol or procedure to combat cellulite, it is recommended to use ALTERNATIVELY cryogenic bandage, which acts as wraps in the treated area for a specific purpose. Using the hypothermic lotion, compressive elasto bandages should be applied to the part of the body to be treated and left there for 15 or 20 minutes. Which will favor the process of firming and tightening the skin.

firming cold lotion
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This concludes an anti-cellulite treatment, carried out with products from the Satori Beauty line , which provided benefits directly from their active ingredients, being optimal in the management of this condition called cellulite or orange peel skin. It is worth remembering that every process must be carried out by a professional where improvements will be obtained according to each case treated.

Laura Isabel Mesa Arcila, Social Communicator
For Satori Beauty