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Develops high-quality cosmetic products, focused on care
of the skin. Our innovative formulas, with natural ingredients and
advanced, they guarantee effective results. We seek to offer skins
radiant, smooth and youthful, promoting confidence and balance
physical and emotional.

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Daniela Cadavid P.


Some time ago I used to use all kinds of products to control my acne, I searched social networks and tried what they could recommend, in one of these searches I came across satori beauty and thanks to their excellent advice I started my routine with the products satori.

1. Foaming bath for daily use day and night.
2. Oily skin toner 3 times a week, only at night.
3. Pink toner before putting on makeup every day.
4. Moisturizing serum before sunscreen.

I complemented my routine with a deeper treatment. This treatment was performed by my cosmetologist whom I met through satori beauty. The treatment consists of the application of more specialized products such as Antiox, D-Panthenol and Alpha-lipoic acid through virtual mesotherapy. and aesthetic devices such as Dermapen, Carboxytherapy and radio frequency.

With all this and a very good discipline I was able to notice an improvement in my face.