The importance of good nutrition

It is the biological process, in which Organisms extract essential nutrients from food for the functioning, growth and maintenance of vital tasks . Likewise, nutrition can be defined as the relationship between food, health and the determination of a balanced diet according to each organism.

Therefore, to achieve adequate nutrition, it is essential to eat a variety of foods, limit the consumption of certain drinks, foods and control the amount of calories, etc. A balanced diet will help reduce cardiovascular risk, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. According to him Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2021), some benefits of a healthy diet are: “strengthening bones, keeping skin, teeth and eyes healthy, reducing the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes”, having adequate nutrition will undoubtedly help to our quality of life.

When talking about Nutrition, it is necessary to mention the professionals who specialize in this topic, since they are the people in charge of analyzing each organism from its particularities, defining what it needs for its correct functioning.

Dr. Vanessa Montoya Orlas, Master of Sports Nutritionist , from her professional knowledge, shares the importance of having an adequate diet and how it positively influences the functioning of our body, clearing up doubts mentioned below:

Why is proper nutrition important?

Having a good diet is essential , since, it could be said that It is the fuel that the body needs for its excellent functioning. Likewise, to feel healthy it is necessary to evaluate what kind of food you are eating, in order to obtain a balance between the living being and nutrition. According to the ( World Bank, 2021 ), “ malnutrition is one of the most serious development problems in the world and to which the least attention has been paid. Its human and economic costs are enormous and affect the poor, women and children the most.” Although obtaining adequate nutrition is a global health problem, we must keep in mind that each person should have the opportunity to have this benefit; eating healthy and adequately helps to have excellent physical and mental development.
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Diet varies according to age, weight and gender

Yes, it varies depending on the physiological level, since the mentioned components must be taken into account to achieve a nutrition plan directed according to the needs of each individual. Food influences in such a way on a physiological level that, according to (World Bank, 2021), “ Stunting in early childhood can cause irreversible damage to a child's cognitive development , with consequences on education, income, and productivity that last into adulthood.” . The different nutritional variations must be taken into account when incorporating a nutritional plan according to the individual, that is, the eating plan varies depending on whether the person is an athlete or, on the contrary, a sedentary person.

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What is the difference between a meal plan and a diet?

The meal plan can be defined as an individualized and comprehensive plan and the term diet is only the set of foods rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins that are used to eat periodically for a specific purpose, mainly to lose weight, among which we have, for example, Keto Diet , which specializes in completely eliminating carbohydrates by creating a ratio between proteins and fats. Also, there is the Intermittent Fasting , which consists of leaving time without eating and another specific time focused on making small changes in food; Like these we can find various diets, you can consult the best known ones Here
Today, there are “Express Diets” that can endanger people's lives since, they take certain foods to the extreme, leaving aside the properties and benefits of others and their nutritional contribution in each individual, using only macro and micro nutrients. Some of the dangers generated by these diets can be, according to ( Revista Semana, 2022 ), “tiredness and fatigue, Because if the vitamins and minerals that the body needs are not consumed, it does not have the nutrients to function properly. Likewise, they can cause insomnia, since if too much saturated fat is consumed this can cause “difficulty falling asleep.” It is important to consult with an expert if you want to carry out an eating or diet plan , so you will know how to carry out this process correctly without putting your health at risk.

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