Botox, new trend

A few years ago, people who resorted to cosmetic surgery did so to counteract the signs of aging , especially women between 40 and 50 years old. However, with new trends this has changed a lot, since people prefer minimally invasive aesthetic treatments to cosmetic surgery. According to a study carried out in Spain, 42% of facial treatments performed correspond to botulinum toxin (Botox) , consolidating itself as the most performed facial treatment after the pandemic, and 32% to hyaluronic acid.

In this new digital era, the age at which people are accessing aesthetic changes is increasingly drawing attention; a young target influenced by social networks has created the boom of baby botox and fillers. However, most professionals do not recommend the use of these aesthetic treatments in large quantities for adolescents.
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Even in the United Kingdom, the use of Botox for aesthetic purposes in children under 18 years of age, as well as fillers with hyaluronic acid, is prohibited. This ban was adopted in response to the increase in interventions.

Baby Botox, naturalness and prevention

Baby Botox is a practice widely used in young people for its effectiveness in preventing the appearance of wrinkles and for natural expression. This technique consists of applying injections in much lower doses than those normally applied to prevent and conceal wrinkles.
baby botox
This treatment is usually applied especially to young people aged 21 and over to reduce areas such as crow's feet or between the eyebrows. Botox does not prevent wrinkles, but it does stop them for a period of time.

It is inevitable that this trend continues to expand with the arrival of new, more modern products and substances that seek to meet the needs of each person. It must be taken into account that, like each procedure, it can also present possible adverse effects and the repercussions that the abuse of these treatments can have, therefore It is important to seek advice from a professional to always make the right decision.

Botox in teenagers, a trend that continues to increase.
What is expected from new generation Botox: better quality, longer duration and lower price.

Carolina Cardona Valencia, Social Communicator
For Satori Beauty