Use of peptides to increase muscle mass

In the field of aesthetics, it is very common to hear about different treatments performed with peptides to increase muscle mass, especially in the gluteal area, but how effective is the use of this substance and how risky can it be?
Peptides are a type of molecule that is formed from the union of amino acids and that helps the formation of proteins in the body , including collagen, elastin or quercetin. Becoming a key ingredient in supplements and creams designed to combat the effects of aging.
These have been characterized as one of the key ingredients in products for skin care and wrinkle prevention. Although some research has shown that the effects go beyond its anti-aging effects, since it could have health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial capacity.
It is important to note that the peptides They are mainly classified in 3 different ways:
  • Depending on the number of amino acids that make it up: oligopeptides have few amino acids and polypeptides are longer chains, although always smaller than proteins.
  • If they come from protein foods of animal or plant origin.
  • For its functions in the body.

Benefits of peptides in the body

Peptides boost the production of collagen, elastin, keratin, giving firmness and flexibility to the skin . Likewise, they activate the production of melanin and help reduce inflammation and even have antioxidant capacity in the body.
Now, peptides also They are known for their ability to increase strength and muscle mass , which has given them the fame of new doping, this substance is known by the name of GHRP-6, belonging to the group of hormone-releasing peptides that what it does in the body is to increase hormone levels and, as a consequence, muscle strength is increased.
In general, These peptides manage to reduce body fat, create muscle and accelerate recovery from injuries . The great attraction they offer is to reduce total weight, but maintain muscle mass. In this way, the muscle/fat ratio is increased and physical work is more effective.
Peptides can be a great component for people who want to increase muscle mass with the help of a professional, but for high-performance athletes it is considered doping and is prohibited in some parts of the world among this select group.

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