Why export?

Why export? Think beyond geographical barriers!
Nowadays it is very common to hear in the media, colleagues and friends talk about exporting, internationalization, about companies that decide to “go abroad in search of new opportunities. Why do they do it, what motivates them to take that step?”

Not only large companies think about going out in search of new opportunities, small and medium-sized companies are the ones that are taking that step and more and more are making a difference. Not only can you export products, but also services. Colombia is a country with great potential in aesthetic and beauty knowledge.
There are several reasons that drive companies to explore other markets, but here we are going to give 5 examples that will help us understand their reasons:

1. Saturated national market.
2. Want to increase sales and profit.

3. Improve the image of the brand or company.
4. Strategic alliances.
5. Emergence of new market niches.

However, a strategy is required to not make a decision lightly. Any company that is considering this possibility, whatever its reason, must take into account that exporting and internationalization is a slow, expensive process and requires time and effort.
Leaving aside the more technical aspects, internationalization requires an essential change without which none of this would be possible, a change of mentality. While it is true, it seems that, in recent years, driven by the crisis, our business market is evolving and beginning to seriously value going abroad as an opportunity.