Types of aesthetic procedures, benefits and risks

Personal image has become one of the fundamental factors for social and professional presence. Aesthetic and beauty procedures are working towards one goal, to achieve harmony in people, reducing the effects produced by aging and improving the imperfections that affect patients.

aesthetic procedure
Aesthetic procedures are focused on improving self-esteem and emotional stability , they can be performed on any part of the face and body. In the range of possibilities we find the following:
  • Facial: lifting, nose corrections, Botox, chemical peeling, removal of dark circles, facial rejuvenation, facial fillers and wrinkle treatment.
  • Hair removal : back, armpit, shoulders, legs and groin.
  • Vascular: varicose veins, sclerosis and laser.
  • Bodily: buttock lift, weight loss treatments, arm lifts and body shaping.
  • Dermatology: scars, hair transplant and lip augmentation.
There are several benefits that aesthetic procedures can offer you, regardless of the reasons for performing them, these are some:

Benefits of aesthetic procedures

Improves physical health
When people think about cosmetic procedures they think about the effect they have on aesthetic appearance or beauty. However, in many cases they help improve posture, reduce pain, prevent sleep problems and improve respiratory problems.

Physical Health

Self-esteem and mental health
Improving your personal appearance and determining how you want to do it can provide a huge boost to your confidence and willingness to be more sociable and try new things.

Mental health and self-esteem
Weight control
Procedures that are related to weight and obesity offer the benefit of inspiring people to take control of their weight, improve their health and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

weight control
However, we must not overlook that every procedure has its risks and complications. Bodies do not always act in a good way when faced with an aesthetic procedure and here we will mention some of the most frequent:

Risks of aesthetic procedures

  1. Infections that can worsen the healing process.
  2. Accumulation of fluid under the skin.
  3. Abnormal scars.
  4. Numbness and tingling due to nerve injury.
  5. Hematomas and keloids.
  6. Bad healing.
The most common situations that may present these risks may be: age, type of procedure, qualification of the professional and ignoring care instructions. For this reason, we recommend that aesthetic procedures always be performed with an expert professional who provides all the pertinent information, providing security and confidence to the user of the aesthetic procedure they wish to perform.

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