Tired legs syndrome

It's a very common type of alteration in people that sometimes they do not identify its origin, but it is extremely important to know what its main cause is in order to provide adequate management.

In the childhood, This type of syndrome can be confused with the pain manifested by boys and girls who are in the growth stage . In this case, what is normally recommended is to apply hot gels that generate analgesia because it is a physiological process that cannot be stopped.

Those People who work for a long time standing or are overweight is another cause of this syndrome , where it is advisable to have a healthy weight and do active breaks during the work day accompanied by the use of rest stockings with a low compression gradient.

Perhaps, your case is not any of the above because yours is a endolymphatic insufficiency which can generate the same fatigue and even accompanied by a burning sensation, so we would be talking about more advanced levels and the most appropriate recommendation is to consult your trusted vascular doctor.
And finally, we have those People whose muscles get very tired with exercise , it is indicated for them to receive a sports massage from an expert that will help recover that muscle fiber without losing muscle power and those who have fluid retention due to slowing down of their lymphatic system. ideal for a expert professional receive a Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Remember that before following the previous recommendations you must have yourself evaluated by an expert and suitable professional since every treatment has contraindications.

Until my next article!

Vanessa Ortega
Teacher – Physiotherapist – Cosmetologist.