What should you take into account when opening your aesthetic center?

What should you take into account when opening your aesthetic center?

What are the most important requirements?
  1. Comply with legal requirements and have the prior authorization provided by the control entity.
  2. Take into account the health code that governs the territory where the service is implemented.
  3. You cannot offer services for which you are not trained or authorized.
  4. Verify and comply with the equipment required for adequate handling, with respect to the services offered.
User security measures
It is recommended not to practice this type of treatment on users who have any skin lesion, any viral or dermatological disease, allergies or any condition that is exposed, being clear about the user's underlying pathologies.

Hygiene and disinfection of equipment

The equipment hygiene and disinfection processes are different, the usual procedure consists of first cleaning and then disinfecting. Then if necessary, sterilization.
Hygiene and cleaning: Use of soapy water.
Disinfection: Use of disinfectant products (quaternary ammonium, hypochlorite, glutaraldehyde)

Implement sterilization
This process is required for sharp items and must be contracted by a qualified third party.

Conditioning of the place
The establishment must reflect asepsis, therefore the furniture must be made of easy-to-clean material, as well as floors, walls and ceilings. These must always be in perfect conditions to guarantee the non-accumulation of microorganisms.

In addition to the above, it is very important to anticipate emergency situations, this refers to fire or evacuation in general. For this reason, it is important to have signage that meets the appropriate standards as far as possible, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, as well as waste management, among others.

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