The power of meditation

The meditation It is a Buddhist practice that has been carried out for more than 2,500 years, which prioritizes mental and physical health and the possibility of living a more conscious, serene and full life through the recognition of one's own being.

It is likely that you have heard more than once about meditation and its importance, and have even tried to put it into practice, but simply You stopped trying because “you didn't make it.” However, it must be understood that meditation is a complex concept to define by a single aspect, since there are different various types, depending on the intentions you wish to channel through one's own experience of the plenitude and connection that each person experiences as an individual being.

On several occasions during the practice of meditation, thoughts usually appear that invade the mind, all that material that you may have stored such as: thoughts, sensations and emotions that arise because they are in chaos or cannot be resolved. There is where most people let out their limiting beliefs because when they try to get rid of or close themselves to channeling those thoughts, they tend to come back stronger, connecting with emotions that sometimes bother them and they stop trying.

It is important that we analyze the power that meditation has in daily life , since it will be easier to be more observant of one's thoughts, the ideal is to allow those thoughts to flow and not cling to them, only for them to be expressed and follow their course. In case you get hooked on those thoughts, We should not criticize or judge, remember that it is essential to always be clear that the management of the mind falls solely on each person.

People They have between 50 and 80 thousand thoughts a day , meditation allows us to listen to ourselves, connect with ourselves, know ourselves in depth and be able to determine which thoughts remain and which ones we want to eliminate. For this reason, meditation is a key element for personal growth. Also, it is the path we can choose to reduce pressure, stress and worries by providing a space to restore ourselves.

Likewise, research has shown that Meditation contributes to the relief of severe conditions, whether physical or mental. Among them are: Migraines, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress or schizophrenic spectrum disorders.

Meditation allows you to be in a state of tranquility, with greater acceptance of each person and to avoid negative and repetitive thoughts. It only takes consistency, try incorporating a 15 or 20 minute routine every day and you will realize that little by little you will adapt it to your lifestyle habits and you will notice the results. In addition, meditating develops the learning of patience and concentration for your routine and you will savor the tranquility as part of your being.

The power of meditation
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Carolina Cardona Valencia, Social Communicator.
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