How to prepare the skin before makeup?

How to prepare the skin before makeup?
Preparing the skin is a fundamental key for its duration to be perfect.

Why take care of your skin?
You must be very clear that makeup is not a tool just to cover imperfections. On the contrary, it is the ideal method to highlight your beauty.

Steps to keep in mind:

1. Cleansing: The objective is to remove excess makeup from the previous day, it can be done with a cleanser or for a more intense action, wash your face with foaming soap.
2. Exfoliation and mask: Step to renew your skin can be worked in two ways; make a exfoliation simple that allows you to remove dead cells and complement it with a super hydration mask or of clarification for the skin.
3. Tone : In the pre-makeup care routine, for some people this step is not very important, but be careful! Refreshing the face, eliminating impurities and controlling oil will allow us to prepare the skin for greater absorption, duration and perfection of the make-up.
When it comes to hydrating the face and giving it luminosity, we must take into account two super important factors: skin types.

Let's clarify!

Skin types: Normal, dry, oily, mixed, with acne.

  • Normal: Skin with luminosity and closed pores, its texture is soft and smooth.
  • Dry: Dull skin with closed pores. Its texture is rough and thin.
  • Fat: Shiny skin with open pores, its texture is slippery and thick.
  • Mixed: Skin where the forehead and chin shine very brightly and its pores are open. The cheeks are opaque and their pores are closed.
  • With Acne: Shiny skin with open pores, has acne and blackheads. Its texture is slippery, thick and irregular.
  • Sensitive: Reddish skin with dilated vessels (can be oily or dry), its texture is too thin. How to treat sensitive skin?

Once the skin types have been clarified, let's focus again on the fourth step so that our skin is perfect before makeup.
4. Moisturizing Serum : Perfect touch to add an extra touch to your face. Which will allow us to hydrate the skin, revitalize it, give it luminosity, tighten it and prepare it for pre-makeup. Product indicated for oily skin.
5. Moisturizing Cream : Another option to revitalize your face is moisturizing. Product indicated for dry skin. It is very important to be clear about the difference between the components of each product, and on what type of skin they should be used, since the success of our routine will depend on it.
5. Sunscreen: You may think that this is your first step, but it is not like that. The day cream is the final touch of a good pre-makeup routine!!!! Not only does it help us reinforce hydration, but it protects and helps prevent the appearance of spots caused by overexposure to UV rays. THAT'S WHY YOU MUST KNOW WELL HOW TO CHOOSE THE ONE THAT IS MOST SUITABLE FOR YOUR SKIN.

Leidy Perrez
for Satori Beauty